Travel / How To Get There

Dover to NOCG

Participants are to arrange travel from their units/ships/establishments to Dover P&O Ferry Passenger Terminal and are to arrive at least 1 hour prior to the ferry departure on the date of travel. As foot passengers you will transit to Calais where a coach will be waiting to collect you and transport you to NOCG.

It is the responsibility of the individual or participating units to arrange transport to and from Dover . RN ships should seek assistance from their PT Staff, WMO POPT or Area AT POPT's. Units are encouraged to co-ordinate their travel requirements with those travelling from the same area, travel costs are chargeable to local unit budgets (see BR51).

Late arrivals who miss the ferry, will be responsible for making their own way back to their unit and are to inform NOCG at the soonest opportunity of their non attendance.

The coach journey is an overnight transit to Bavaria (approx 13 hours). Individuals are encouraged to bring their own in coach entertainment. There will be scheduled stops along the way with an arrival time at NOCG between 1030 - 1130 traffic permitting.

Be aware that timings are seasonally adjusted and that groups should refer to issued joining instructions prior to travelling.

NOCG to Dover

All participants will depart on Friday evening from NOCG and transit over night to Calais. Participants will transit via ferry to Dover and should arrive through customs into Dover at around 1030 Saturday morning.

By Air

If you wish to fly we would recommend flying into Memmingen (Munich West), Munich or Stuttgart Airport. You will then need to make your own way to NOCG. NOCG provides transport from Dover to NOCG at public expense therefore all flights must be met at personal cost.

All attendees are to arrive at NOCG no later than 1000 on Sunday morning and will not be permitted to depart until 1700 the following Friday on completion of the CO's departure brief.

Trains are relatively cheap and punctual in Germany. Munich International Airport has a train station within its grounds and Memmingen Airports closest train station is Bahnhof Memmingen which is 4.6km away from the airport and is easy to get to via shuttle bus or taxi. The nearest train terminal to the NOCG is Bahnhof Sonthofen.

A note for travellers is the Bayern Ticket. This allows 5 people to travel on the same ticket for a considerably reduced rate within the Bavaria region. It can be brought at any DE ticket office on arrival.

Please note that no accommodation under any circumstances will be available at NOCG on Friday or Saturday evenings.

Klettersteiging in Bavaria with NOCG Rock climbing in Bavaria with NOCG Climbing in snow with NOCG